The Old Florida town of Sebastian Florida offers plenty of opportunities for reflection. on of

Twelve Days of Christmas? How about 12 days for you?

Rosemary officianalis and lemongrass thrive in the Florida fall garden.
On the First Day of Christmas I repotted a huge Rosemary plant and trimmed lemongrass. On the second day of Christmas I played with all the animated Christmas toys my mom has around her house – and seeing my mom, well, that’s one of my 12 Days of Cyndi-mas goodies, too.

My publisher gave me the idea. Which he got from his wife. He checked in with her while we were on our way to a Florida boatyard to check on my sailboat Chip Ahoy – and discuss the progress of my first novel, More Than You Think You Know. She wasn’t answering her phone. So he explained that she was probably checking off one of the 12 days of “Christi-mas” activities on her list. I immediately began making my own list.

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. jpeg Christmas mouse toys
The little guys give truth to the “Not even a mouse” line in The Night Before Christmas. They don’t sing anymore. But mom has plenty of animated Christmas buddies who do!

What could you do to replenish, relax, rejoice and receive?

  1.  Sleep in, or take a nap
  2.  Have a massage, even if it’s just a quickie chair or hand or foot massage at the airport or mall
  3.  Walk on the beach, or explore a snowy trail
  4. Attend a yoga class in person or online, where there’s a plethora of no-charge yoga classes ranging from 5 minutes to more than two hours.
  5. Read something for the sheer pleasure of it
  6. Watch a movie that makes you laugh
  7. Indulge in aromatherapy, whether that means lavender pillow spray or a cinnamon-flavored grog simmering on the stove
  8. Eat something indulgent and decadent. It needn’t be unhealthy. Exotic fruit or veggies, or buying something pre-made that you’d normally make yourself can be a treat
  9.  Drop unnecessary deadlines. Do that now. For example, maybe your 12 Days of You happens in February
  10. Play like a child. Color. Dance. Sing at the top of your lungs. Cuddle up with a soft toy or blanket. My friend, life coach Cynthia Drake recently led a group at work in kindergarten-esque exercises to re-fill the creativity well. As she so beautifully puts it, “Let winter teach us how to slow down”
  11. Do nothing. Set aside of block of time to simply be. Hard, isn’t it? We’re all such go-go gadgets. See if you can disconnect for at least a few minutes by focusing on a beautiful object or closing your eyes and stretching out on your cozy bed
  12. Retail therapy: Pick something up for yourself when you’re out shopping. Receive it and enjoy it with no guilt.

Bonus inspiration: Remove the ‘S’ word from your holidays and rest mindfully in the light of the full moon. Do what Doreen Virtue recommends in this Christmas week’s Angel Card reading. Go quietly to the bathroom. Shut the door. Breathe. Reach out for help. All you need to do is ask. The universe has your back.

A cozy bed at LaRose Wellness retreat in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula is just the place to relax and rejuvenate.
I dream about this bed in the Kangas suite at LaRose Wellness Retreat off US-41 on Keweenaw Bay. There’s an upcoming overnight retreat Jan 15-16 that includes hot tubbing, sauna and working on your vision board for the coming year. Visit or call 906-370-6686 for more info.


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