A powerful prayer for parents and children

Doreen Virtue’s Archangels and Ascended Masters Prayer for Children is the most important thing I do every day, and it has been so since one of my beloved lightworking friends on the “We Are A Magnet for Miracles” Pinterest Board sent it to me during a dark moment in summer 2013. Pinterest Boards and intimacy appear to make unlikely bedfellows. But my experience with these Magnets for Miracles has been different. I could write an entire blog series on how they’ve enhanced my life. Suffice to say it’s been easy to freely communicate our emotions and wishes for each other and the world in a raw, authentic way, because we commune on a completely compassionate, positive, spiritual level. I asked for help at a very low point. And I received it.

This prayer works. It has worked miracles in my life. It has enabled me to pray for my children and other children, including the inner children of grown adults still so in need of soothing comfort, healing and protection.

In the years since I began using the prayer a prayer list has evolved and continues to grow. It contains names from around the globe, from the newborn next door to the young waitresses I worked with years ago now all over the United States posting pregnancy and baby photos on Facebook. I pray for the Panchem Lama, chooser of the Dali Lama, who was spirited away years ago. I pray for my neighbor’s newborn and her teen-age daughter. I chant “Bring Back Our Girls” and also give thanks for those girls who have escaped and returned to their Nigerian classrooms. Often the names I speak during my prayer extend well beyond the list. Whatever occurs to me at that time.

And I always pray for my children, including my nephews and daughter-in-law. On my knees. Heart open. It takes about 10 minutes. Sometimes it’s the most peaceful part of my day. I often call upon other traditional healers and protectors of children. For instance I’m now regularly including Brigid, Celtic Goddess of inspiration and healing. Below is the prayer as it was given to me by Judy, with another note from a fellow Magnet below.

“Dana…Hathor…Ishtar…Mother Mary…mothering goddesses and teachers of parents, I surrender my worries to you. Please nurture my child and this situation (describe your concerns) so that we may all be joyful and feel peace. Please teach me how to best guide my child. Please direct my words and actions so that I speak my truth in a way that my child will hear. Please help me stay centered in faith and courage. Archangel Michael…Artemis…Kuan Yin…Vesta…powerful protectors of children, I ask that you closely watch over my child (say your child’s name. This is where I include ALL children). Thank you for closely monitoring and protecting my child. Thank you for ensuring my child’s safety, happiness, and health. Thank you for guiding my child in a direction that brings about blessings, wellness, meaning and abundance. Thank you, Dana, Hathor, Ishtar, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Artemis, Kuan Yin, Vesta for protecting my child. I am truly grateful.”♥

Gabrielle from Magnet for Miracles: “I, myself, would always suggest Archangels Michael and Raphael for protection and healing and especially Mother Mary where your children are concerned. She is the Holy Mother and she hears and sympathizes with all mothers when it concerns their children.”

I’m sending prayers of love and compassion to all the parents who need this prayer along with encouragement to try it. May it bring you as much serenity and empowerment as it’s conjured in me and as much healing as it’s brought my children – all the children. I’m also sending boundless love and gratitude to my Magnets for our ongoing, mutually beneficial nourishment and support. And I’m sending deep love and gratitude to internationally known author Doreen Virtue. For those of you unfamiliar, Doreen Virtue PH.D. is a clairvoyant metaphysician, best known for her work in angelic realms, including her angel cards, which I’ll be discussing in the future, because I adore them. To learn more, follow her on Instagram (@doreenvirtue), http://www.AngelTherapy.com or check out her YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/4AngelTherapy

This had to be the first prayer I share in this blog; out of all the excellent prayers I use to amp up my life purpose it’s the most important. I don’t travel without it. The well-being of my children is essential to my happiness. The well-being of all children is essential to our universe. I’d love to know: What’s your go-to prayer as a parent?

Today’s Bonus Inspiration: Lisa Beachy’s Meditations For Moms https://www.youtube.com/user/MeditationsforMoms 

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