Crossing the Gulf

Inspiration served here: Be beautiful. Be groovy. Be awesome. Be Great.

I’ll let you in on a secret that only my mom and a few other loyal followers know: I have a blog over at where I share writing and editing war stories along with publishing and writing tips. It’s also a place where writers looking for an editor or clients looking for a writer can connect with me. I love to help people who want to write a book. I get it. Because it’s been my dream for a long time. Now it’s coming true. “More Than You Think You Know” will be published by Beating Windward Press in fall 2015. Yay! And now comes this blog. has an even higher purpose. I’m calling all lightworkers: the healers, the mothers, the goddesses, the yogis, the sages, the teachers and students of angels, mantra, crystals, totems, Tao, tarot and prayers. Especially prayers. What can you show me? What prayers can we share? What gifts may I showcase in a way that will benefit us all? What fun we’re going to have showering beautiful, groovy, awesome greatness upon the planet! I’m also calling in those dear souls who need to lighten their burdens. Here’s your place to let go of drama, trauma and all that other stuff you don’t need. Relax. Get out of your head. Settle into your heart. Send your ego off in a red-sequined bikini to an all-expenses-paid vacation in Belize. Your monkey mind is going along with it, carrying a suitcase full of all those pre-fabricated worries that are only fiction, the made-up meanderings of an overactive imagination. Let it go. You are left with yourself, with serenity. You’ll be fine. I thrive on meaningful quotes – those little hits of inspirational wisdom that click me into positivity. I like to pair them with my own photos of my amazing vantage on my sailboat and in my garden. I’m also going to bring you interviews from life coaches and other wise ones we can learn from. I’ll highlight and curate the best places to turn to for spirit-nourishing guidance and pass along every life-improving lesson that comes my way.  I’ve been roaming in this world of feeling good and being positive for enough time to have gained a good footing. Here’s a hand up. Join me on this smooth-sailing quest to feel good, have fun and spread joy.

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