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About me and this beautiful groovy awesome great place to uplift and enlighten our tribe of seekers

Say it with me now: ‘I approve of myself. I approve of myself. I approve of myself…two hundred or three hundred times a day is barely enough …” – From Louise Hay’s morning meditation on YouTube

I’ve always been a writer. The notes and diaries written in my teen-to-young-adult years are more bitch book than gratitude journal. I constantly found reasons to be pissed at the world, hurt, outraged and confused about why it wouldn’t yield to me the things I wanted even though I mostly didn’t know what those things were. My infrequent prayers were in the main a form of magical lottery-ticket thinking. “Someone tell me what to do.” “Somebody rescue me.” I am so happy to have now done the work of knowing what I want. It was fun. Why did I wait?

Fun to me used to be getting loaded so I could feel looser and supposedly be more myself. I ain’t no saint and I still enjoy Happy Hour. But I’m done self-medicating for rejection, abuse, lack mentality, fear of success or fear of failure by ingesting copious doses of alcohol, sex, drugs, cigarettes and anything else that shuts off the “you aren’t good enough” script continually scrolling in the mind’s eye like a Jumbotron of unworthiness. There’s a line in the Avril Lavigne tune “Complicated”: “You’re watchin’ your back, like you can’t relax.” I did honestly feel that everyone was out to get me. And those of you who know the Law of Attraction know that quite often that was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

About 10 years ago Yoga re-entered my life as I was clicking through 57 channels with nothing on. It felt natural to drop to the carpet (I didn’t have a mat) and follow along with Kate Potter’s Namaste series on Fit TV. My practice continues to expand into different forms, placing undreamed-of teachers on my path. I’m cloaked in a glorious energy of meditation, mantra and movement that quiets and clears my mind. It’s magical. It’s miraculous. It’s medicine. And I want to share the prayers, the peace, the joy and the dance of all it’s sparked for me. During the writing of my second novel, “Yoga For Smokers,” I’ve been led to leading-edge thought leaders. So many of their teachings are worth sharing, but didn’t really fit on my writing blog at

That’s why http://beautifulgroovyawesomegreat was born.

Yogis call to yogis. Lightworkers attract lightworkers. Healers are drawn to healers. Feel free to sift and sort and share your own recommendations. I’m open to learning, open to teaching, open to the flow of info that uplifts and illuminates. All are welcome. You’re right where you need to be.

In the end, it’s like Ram Dass said: We’re all just walking each other home. Cheers to the fun we’re going to have exploring a landscape of beautiful groovy awesome greatness.

Accentuate the positive
The universe offers up positive signs on a daily basis. The trick is to notice everything you have to be grateful for.

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