Asana Nirvana: A poem for branching out in tree pose

We'Moon wisdom
Branching out into an ever-more meaningful yoga practice may include poems or quotes used at the beginning, close or during your session on the mat.

Sometimes you don’t just read a piece of writing. You feel it. And that’s what happens for me every time I revisit “I Stand Tall,” by e.g. wise. It’s perfect for tree pose, one of yoga’s best-known, easiest, most calming postures. It’s a natural for spring and I offer it now in honor of Arbor Day.

The poem appears in the 2014 edition of We’Moon, my favorite datebook. A friend introduced me to We’Moon, gifting me with the 2014 Radical Balance edition, and again treating me in 2015, which has a Wild Card theme.  I’ll never be without it again. It’s essential to feed my spirit, full of beautiful art and writing, planetary wisdom and pure magic. Some of the works in We’Moon are accompanied by a square symbol, which means permission to share has been granted. I’m very grateful to be able to share this poem in its entirety.  Try it with your tree pose. Don’t know the pose? Here’s a terrific overview, including ways to modify if placing your foot on your opposite upper thigh is more stress-inducing than relaxing.

I Stand Tall

The true story, the one that resonates most,

is that I stand

on good ground,

on solid ground.

I stand rooted

in truth

and love

and light

and wellness.

May I hold my arms out wide

and my head up high

and stand tall

like a tree upon this earth

while the stories of fear and false beliefs

flow past me

like leaves

being carried

in the wind.

Many We’Moon poems lend themselves to your yoga practice or meditation. And this vibrant publication also welcomes artists to submit their work. Submissions for the 2017 We’Moon are due by Aug. 15, 2015. More details at


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