“Every day in every way …” A morning mantra to make your own

jpeg Florida panhandle
It’s easy to be grateful when you’re living on the water on a sailboat. I give thanks for that – glowing better and better – morning noon and night!

French psychologist Emile Coues came up with the auto-suggestion “Every day in every way, I am getting better and better,” in the late 1800s as a daily incantation-prescription for self-improvement. My introduction to the phrase was in a novel, I believe it was “The Dressmaker,” by Kate Alcott, in which it was mentioned as a turn-of-the-century fad. The phrase lingered long after the library loan had been wiped from my Kindle, but the way I remembered it was “Every day in every way, I am growing better and better.” And so that’s what I’ve been saying for years now as I lie in bed in the morning, As I’m waking up I embrace the law of attraction, pre-paving the day with positive intentions, feeling excitement about fun things that may happen and generally just making sure I get up on the right side when I leave my cozy nest.

One morning after a round of cycling through my fingers using the delicate, peace-and-power-giving hand positions known as mudras, I was feeling so good that I kept going. I riffed on my own fun and funny  “Every day in every way …” variations. I’ve been doing it ever since.

Every day I’m glowing, growing, showing, knowing, going, rowing, towing and even whoa-ing, better and better.

Growing better and better
Positive affirmations lead to positive outcomes, as this sailing Doc and his faithful dinghy dog can attest as they row the boat ashore at Boot Key Harbor in Florida’s Marathon Keys.

I always end by rubbing the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet together briskly, waking up every cell of my body with another simple chant that you really can’t repeat enough “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

There is also another reported variation on the classic: “Day by day in every way, I am growing better.”  Use that if it sounds better to you.

Have compassion for the nattering nabobs of negativity who darkly warn against changing the “Miracle Man’s” formula or pooh-pooh the whole thing. Shake them off quicker than a Swiftie and find a morning affirmation that makes you smile as you greet the day. Even if you have an impossibly action-packed morning routine you can find a minute to take a deep breath and honor yourself by setting an intention to be happy. If this mantra doesn’t ring your bell you can find one that does. Look for more suggestions culled from my daily spiritual practice and from the teachers around us in this Beautiful Groovy Awesome Great space. If you have an uplifting strategy to share, need a prayer or have a question about how you can be more peaceful and have more fun, this is the place. Bring it on, dear ones! xxx

Growing better and better. Yep, that’s you – just like this exquisite Columbine. Let your hope and intent for the new day blossom with a fun morning mantra.

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