Create your own drama-free zone today
Our happiness is essential to creating happiness for others.

No Trespassing On My Bliss. Let’s make it our motto. Let’s post it in neon-orange letters to set up a drama-free zone with defined boundaries that keep out negativity and intolerance. We can’t change others. But they don’t have power over our thoughts. Only we do. And we can choose to be happy, joyful and playful.

Let’s do something fun together soon. Something relaxing. Something that makes us laugh. Something blissful.

We deserve it.



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  1. This phrase is so alluring. Nice heap of thoughts. Loved your positive spirit. Warm hugs to you. ❤💋


      1. So glad to meet such a positive person like you Cyndi. Hope you will enlighten your vibrant thoughts on my blog’s posts. Thanks for this kind act. Truckloaded love. 😘😘😘

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