Sailing in Florida

Life afloat on a sailboat is a mix of 99 percent laid-back laissez-faire and 1 percent all-hands-on-deck adrenalin-fueled action. Either way, you go with what is. The elements don’t care how you want it to be. The anchor is either dragging or holding. Dolphins may dance, but not on command. Waves rise and fall of their own accord. Inspired by the July 2015 Chopra Center 21-day meditation series Grace through Gratitude,  I ask you to join me in being thankful for what is out of our control  without trying to alter it.  Try it for a week. A day. An hour. A minute. Whatever you can do. And feel how the universe responds to you when you are moving downstream instead of bucking the current. Let me know how it works out for you. I treasure your inspiration,  dear lightworkers! Still time to join the no-charge mediation series, featuring a foreword by Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s guidance. Meditation Medication.

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